In order to meet the 2005 Fire Safety Order building owners must ensure that all of their fire safety equipment and measures including fire doors and escape doors are maintained and fit for purpose. Article 17 states that "a suitable maintenance regime to ensure relevant equipment is kept in an efficient state'.  this includes fire doors which are put in place to protect escape routes by resisting fire and smoke spread.

We have found some great Fact Cards by BWF Certifire to help you understand more about fire doors and the regulations to do with them. You can also find the Regulatory Reform Order online, we have also put together a few FAQs for you:

Q: What is a fire door?

A: A door that is constructed and fitted in the correct way to increase the amount of time that flames or smoke would take to pass through the door in the event of a fire.

Q: Are there different types of fire door?

A: There are two types of fire door FD30 and the FD60, FD30 is the most common type of domestic fire door. When tested in controlled conditions they will resist flame or smoke for 30 minutes

Q: If I am considering home improvement works like an extension or renovation project, will I need internal fire doors?

A: If you are working on a large project, your architect will be able to advise you if fire doors are required but as a rough guide, building regulations require fire doors in these key areas in domestic properties

  1. A 2 Storey house where there is a door leading from the garage directly to the house
  2. New build or renovated domestic properties with 3+ storeys (inc. loft conversions) should have fire doors to every habitable (living, sleeping and eating rooms) of the stairwell

Q: How often should I inspect my fire doors?

A: Every 6 months, it is the legal responsibility of the Responsible Person (the person in control of the building) to ensure that all fire safety devices are fit for purpose.


Q: I'm replacing my existing internal doors - do I need to make them fire doors?

A: If your internal doors are not currently fire doors then no, standard doors are fine.

If you do need fire doors we are here to help! Our range of fire doors looks as good as a normal door without affecting their purpose or performance.

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