Conservatories are one of the most popular home improvements of recent years and it's easy to see why.

Not only does a conservatory provide an exciting extra dimension to your living space, it also gives you a natural link between indoors and outdoors, we have created a handy checklist for anyone considering a conservatory for their home


  1. Why Do You Want Your Conservatory?

    Considering adding a conservatory to your home is a big decision, before going ahead you should consider why you want the conservatory and what the biggest benefits of having the conservatory will be. This question will help you decide if a conservatory is right for you and help give you focus on what kind of conservatory you want

  2. How Much Does A Conservatory Cost?

    The cost of a conservatory can vary when you take into account:

    1. Size

    2. Materials – including roof

    3. Design Complexity

    4. Type of Glazing

this is why online conservatory tools cannot provide you with an accurate quote.

  1. Do You Need Planning Permission For A Conservatory?

    Conservatories don't usually need planning permission but you will have to check if you do need permission if:

    1. Your home is in a conservation area, national park or NSA (National Scenic Area)

    2. If your conservatory is not going to be at ground level

    3. If your home is terraced or already has an extension

    4. If the conservatory will increase your home size by 15% or 70cubic metres (whichever is greater)

 If you do need planning permission, this will add time and cost to your conservatory build,     planning permission can typically take around 8 weeks.

    1. Will My Conservatory Need To Comply With Building Regulations? Conservatories are classed as “non-habitable dwellings” but if you are going for something slightly different, like using the conservatory to add space to an existing living area, you will need to consider them. Building regulations won't usually apply if:

      1. Your conservatory will be separated by an external door

      2. Your conservatory will be under 30sq.m in floor area

      3. It will be a single story at ground floor level

      4. It will be glazed in compliance with building regulations and British standards

      5. It is not within 1m of your property boundaries

      6. If it will be fitted with a roof that is 75% glazed and walls that are 50% glazed.

    1. How long does a conservatory take to build?

  The length of time it takes to complete your conservatory will depend on various factors:

          1. Design and Design Confirmation

          2. Materials needed – the length of time to order and receive

          3. Planning Permission

          4. Time to manufacture conservatory

          5. Foundations laid

          6. Building Work Begins

We will always provide an estimated date for installation and completion so that you know where you are.

Please get in touch with our specialists today to discuss your needs, for more information on our conservatories please head over to the conservatory department


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